Questions 1-6 - You Ask, We Answer - Week One

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Questions 1-6 - You Ask, We Answer - Week One

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You Ask, We Answer


1. If I am on a fixed income and only have enough to pay for an auto payment and insurance, then how can I give 10% of my income to God? I would not have a car because of not enough money to pay for it. Please help me understand this. 

2. How do you feel about gay people coming to your church worshipping and joining in groups? 

3. The God of the Old Testament seems so different from the God that Jesus talks about in the New Testament, so much more angry and wrathful. Does God change? 

4. How do I know if a prophetic word spoken over me has already happened or not? 

5. What is the difference between baptized with the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit? 

6. My husband does not tithe. How do I tithe when I do not have an income? 

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