You Ask, We Answer | Questions 58-61

You Ask, We Answer | Questions 58-61

Topic: You Ask We Answer   Communicator: Jeff Klingenberg

Location: Ft. Worth Campus

May 14, 2017


58. We are also taught that God is love and that God is a jealous God. But then it says love is not jealous. Can this contradiction be explained?

59. My girlfriend and I are in a strong committed relationship. We act as husband and wife and to the outside world, nobody knows that we are not legally married. Does that matter before God? We have sworn oaths to each other and God as a partnership, just not by the laws of man. Do laws of man really matter?

60. I know Christians that say they don’t believe in ghosts. Aren’t ghosts and God a spirit? How do you believe in one but not the other?

61. Should the church get involved in social issues and causes?