Foster Care

What is Foster Care?

Foster care provides temporary care for minor children who have been removed from their birth parents because of abuse or neglect. There are thousands of children who are in crisis situations who we, the body of Christ, can offer a safe and nurturing environment where they could learn what unconditional love, God’s kind of love, is all about!

The ultimate goal of foster care is to provide the children with a safe and nurturing environment, and then to transition them back into a healthy environment with their biological family, either with their birth parents or other relatives. When a child is not able to return home, the courts terminate the parents’ rights to the children and they become available for adoption. Typically, the foster placement becomes the adoptive placement if the foster parents choose to become their permanent home.

How can HighRidge help?

You could make a world of difference in a needy child’s life by opening your home and showing God’s love!

Wouldn’t be awesome if HighRidge Church could be the church that spearheaded a movement to place all these children in homes so that we no longer have children in the foster care system? What a great opportunity we have to impact lives for all eternity!

There are thousands of abused, neglected children in the Fort Worth area, no longer able to live with their own families, who need a safe, loving environment. While reunification is the ultimate goal of foster care, temporary homes are needed for these children to feel safe and nurtured.   Please pray and ask God if He would have you open your heart and your home to one of these children.  Foster care is an amazing opportunity to impact lives for eternity.

For more information on foster care and how you can help contact HOPE hope@hrc.email

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