Hope Ministry not only provides support after post adoption, but during the adoption process. Those who are in the adoption process and are in need of financial assistance can apply for a grant through Hope Ministries. 



Families looking to foster or adopt, or to host children through Safe Families for Children, face many variables. For example, they might receive an emergency placement of a newborn with little time or resources to buy all the things a baby needs, or they may be asked to look after a sibling group of 2 when they were only expecting to accept one child. Families looking to adopt may have financial concerns, worrying about all the upcoming items they need to provide. This is where the Hope Closet steps in. We collect gently used baby & kids’ clothes, car seats, packs of diapers etc. These items will be given to adoptive, fostering and hosting families in need. You may support the Hope Closet through donations and financial support.


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