HR Kid's School is open to children 12 months - Pre-K

Available Mondays & Wednesday from 9am-2:30pm at HighRidge Church

12 to 24 MONTHS
Children will use art, singing, and hands-on involvement to learn Bible lessons, manners, teamwork, sharing, taking turns, following directions, and foundational learning skills.

2 to 3 YEARS
Children will learn similar curriculum that the 12-24 months learn at a more advanced level. They will learn foundational learning skills such as saying and recognizing the alphabet, writing their names, numbers and shapes. They will also learn social skills such as sharing, following directions and teamwork.

4 to 5 YEARS
Your 4 and 5 year old will learn foundational learning skills in preparation for kindergarten such as teamwork, arts and crafts and fine motor development. They will learn about the solar system, the human body and insects.

Each month we will have a special guest to help your children grow and learn about the world around them. We hope to have visits from the local fire department, police and military. Our desire is for your children to have a great experience at HR Kid's School.

For more information, please contact: hrks@hrc.email

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