Each year, HighRidge Church provides a limited number of scholarships to mission trip participants to help with their fundraising efforts. We know that raising the funds to go on a mission trip can be the most difficult part of getting to “go”.  Let us help! 

Each trip participant can earn up to $300 towards their trip by serving in various HRC events or in outreach opportunities outside the church. Each hour you serve is worth $20 for up to 15 hours.  

How to Apply

If you have been approved to go on any HRC mission trip, simply click on the “Apply for Scholarship Hours” link below and fill out the attached form. You must fill out the form with a specific event and specific dates. Please fill out an application for each event and event date for which you would like to serve.  

*Application requests must be submitted 7 days prior to the service event to be considered for approval. Any received within 7 days of service event may not be approved in time.*

Once we receive your application and approve your application, you will receive an approval email. Then serve in your approved event. After you complete your service hours, print and fill out the Approval Form. It will need to be signed by oversight at your event. Then submit the signed form to missions@hrc.email

. That’s it! Your scholarship funds will be deposited directly to your trip account.

Please read the question & answer section below for a more detailed explanation of the HRC Mission Trip Scholarship opportunity. If you have any further questions, contact missions@hrc.email.

Who can apply? 

If you have filled out an application to go on an HRC national or global mission trip, and received an email confirming your place on the team, you can apply for scholarship hours.

How much money can I receive in scholarship money towards my trip? 

Each trip participant can apply for up to 15 scholarship hours per trip.Each hour is worth $20 towards their trip up to $300 dollars per person, per trip. The person must have been approved for the trip before scholarship money can be allocated. You must apply for each event separately. 

What events qualify for scholarship hours? 

There are many ways in which you can earn scholarship money towards your trip.  If you currently serve regularly in a particular ministry, or earn a wage in a particular ministry, these service/work hours do not qualify for scholarship hours.   

Events approved for scholarship hours include Hope Ministry meetings and events, Missions 101, One DAY events, Battle of the Sexes for HighRidge Students, women’s and men’s events or local outreach groups. Most HRC events that occur only once in a calendar year would be acceptable events for service hours. You may also serve with organizations and churches outside of HRC so long as the service you do is Kingdom related. If you have a question about a particular event and whether or not it would be applicable, please email missions@hrc.email.

How do I apply? 

  1. Click on the “Apply for Scholarship Hours” link below 
  2. Complete an application for EACH event in which you want to serve 
  3. If the event is outside of HRC, include a brief description of what you will be doing 
  4. Submit the form 

Once we receive your application, we will contact you with an email letting you know if your hours are eligible for scholarship monies.  

When will I receive my scholarship monies? 

There is a form below titled “Approval Form”. Someone in leadership or oversight of your event must fill out and sign this form. Once you complete your hours, simply fill out the form below, have it signed by oversight and email it to missions@hrc.email. You may take a picture of your form and email it as well.  Once your form is received, your scholarship monies will be credited directly to your mission trip account within two weeks.

Can I transfer my scholarship credit to another participant? 

No, the scholarship money you earn can only be credited towards your mission trip. 

In the event that I don’t go on the trip I signed up for, can I redeem my hours for cash? 

No, scholarship funds cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash. Your monies will be returned to the scholarship fund for other participants to use.

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