Chosen: Foster & Adoption Ministry

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” — James 1:27 (ESV)

God’s call to His people through His Word is clear. The Bible mentions caring for the poor and oppressed nearly 2100 times. Currently, there are 143 million vulnerable kids worldwide. We have the ability to change these numbers for God’s children! HighRidge Chosen provides support to HighRidge families who are fostering or adopting either locally or internationally. Your help provides children to find forever families. Here are the ways you can get involved:


It is the desire of HighRidge Church to support families who are in the process of fostering or adopting, as they bring children into the safety and security of a family. Are you ready to foster/adopt?



Family Needs

Financial support is one of the many ways we can come alongside our foster and adoptive families. This application is to request HighRidge Chosen to consider a donation for an immediate need (ex: crib, clothing, bed, items for home study, etc.).


Financial Support

Financial support aids HighRidge families who are in the process of bringing vulnerable children into their home. This application requests HighRidge Chosen Ministry to consider financially assisting families who are currently raising funds to foster/adopt.



Care Team

This team wraps around a family when they take placement of a foster or adopted child. Roles can consist of meal team, family helper, respite care and team lead.



Events Team

This team serves at events that support our community and HRC foster/adoptive families. Events will be communicated through email when opportunities arise.




Not everyone is called to adopt but James 1:27 clearly states that everyone is to do something. Your generosity helps vulnerable children find forever homes. Click the link below and select Chosen as your designation to support HighRidge Families.



Want to get more information on the process or have general questions? Email: