On Track? Super Series 2022:

Super Series groups are designed to build unity across all campuses and to help people easily step into community. This year’s Super Series is called “On Track?,” a discipleship study written and produced in-house by HighRidge Church. The purpose of this 8-week curriculum is to help us discover God’s will for our lives and to understand what it truly means to be a disciple and to make disciples. We will hear weekend messages that complement this study as we set aside time to grow spiritually together in groups. Click the image below to be taken to our YouTube Playlist for the ’On Track? Super Series weekly video. From there, select your corresponding week’s study material.


‘On Track?’ Wins Form ‘On Track?’ Questions Form

As a Group Leader, you have the freedom to choose any curriculum you would like to use within your group. We ask that the curriculum be biblically sound and reflect the heart of HighRidge, as we strengthen people for life. Sometimes choosing a curriculum can become overwhelming, so we have provided three different resources to help you get started.

Do you need help picking a study for your group?  Here is a list of Bible and book studies from well-known Christian teachers and leaders that we highly recommend.  It is broken down by HUBS to make it easy for you.

RightNow Media is an online, streaming platform that has tens of thousands of videos, group materials, and studies for you to choose from. Their content comes from over 250 top Christian publishers and ministries. If you have not signed up for a free RightNow Media account provided by HighRidge Church, click the link above to sign up for a free RightNow Media account, or log in to your existing account.

Video Curriculum:

Below is the video curriculum that HighRidge Church personally owns.  These studies have been used in marriage and parenting groups, men’s purity groups, and co-ed groups.

These are password protected and require you to enter “groups” as a password to access.

You will need to personally acquire printed resources and let your group members know what they will need to purchase in advance for your first group meeting.