Men’s Bible Reading – Woodliff

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Men’s Bible Reading – Woodliff

Location: At the Church

Bible/Book Study

Curtis Woodliff and Randy Thurman

Our Men’s group is reading through the New Testament, the Psalms, and Proverbs together and then discussing what we’ve read throughout the week during the group. The daily reading will take most readers about 10 minutes per day. This group is designed so that anyone can jump in and join at any time. It is perfect for someone who has never cracked open a Bible or for someone who has been in it their whole life. Our typical format: Arrive at 6:25, get your complimentary coffee, gather in room at 6:30, leader opens with a quick prayer, we do the reading for that day as a group with each person reading one verse at a time as we go around the room taking turns, then we  discuss what we’ve read that week. We make sure that everyone is comfortable regardless of your Bible knowledge or experience within a church. We also stop at 7:30 sharp so that everyone can get to work on time. It is very common for someone to skip out early to make it to an early appointment.

This group is not an in-depth study on any particular subject. We focus on the foundational scriptures and don’t spend much time on topics that are debatable. Our goal is to stay on the topic of what we have read and to get as practical as possible. When things get too deep on specific topics we ask that those conversations continue outside the group so that we can keep everyone’s interest.

We currently have 4 identical groups meeting at the church on Wednesday mornings and hope to have more as we grow. You can choose whatever group fits your preferences as we are all reading the exact same scriptures on the same schedule. We will provide a bible to the men who commit to attending the group regularly and to doing their daily reading.


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    Bible/Book Study


Email 8178816241


At the church in the patio room

10100 Rolling Hills Drive, Fort Worth, TX