Living Your Best Life

Living Your Best Life

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Bible/Book Study

Susan Turner

Do you ever feel inadequate? Disillusioned? Hopeless or fearful about tomorrow? Can you give me a list of reasons why you can’t fulfill your dreams right now…. thanks to all the stuff life has thrown your way? Do you feel like you are losing the war with your circumstances? Do you wish that your dreams for tomorrow would hurry up and show up – like – TODAY???
Let me ask you a few other questions.
Have you forgotten that your body is literally the home of the Holy Spirit? That Jesus Christ lives in you and wants to do this thing called life through you? Is it hard to believe with all that’s going on that you really can make a significant difference in this world – that God honestly and truly has equipped you for greatness?
It’s time to make some hard choices. It’s time to choose to muzzle the anxiety-ridden voice of the enemy and refocus your thoughts on the awesome voice of God. He wants to work through YOU. Listen, my friend! He has special plans for your life and they are GREAT plans!
Let’s dive into the Word and refocus our thinking on truth rather than lies. Out of truth comes power and friends? You have God’s power living inside of you – just waiting for you to unleash your greatness and step out in boldness to accomplish all He has for you. 2021 – – – IT’S YOUR YEAR! LET’S DO THIS!

This group runs through February 2 – March 23, 2021

This is an online ZOOM group. Group Leader will send out the link to join online before every ZOOM meeting.


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    Bible/Book Study


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