Love Better

Hey everybody, I wanted to just take a second and tell you about the theme that I’m really excited about for HighRidge Church for 2019, and the theme can be captured in a little phrase, very simply, “Love Better.”
And so, when you hear teachings coming out of HighRidge Church this year, you’re going to hear that theme and that concept tied into the teachings. For example, in the first teaching you heard, “Love God better, love yourself better, and love others better.” It’s a great goal that we’re all embracing for 2019.
So I just want to let you know that I’ll be using that phrase in various teachings throughout the year, in various clips, various media posts, and really what it ties back to is an attitude that I want to live by and that I’m praying that our church lives by, that our congregation lives by. And that is that the goodness of God can work in our life this year and can increase our capacity to love.
I’m really, really excited about this and I’m really certain that it’s going to make a difference in a lot of people’s lives and in their thinking.
So God bless you all, everybody, and for 2019: Love Better.

Jeff Klingenberg

Kindness Cards
  1. Grab some Kindness cards from our lobby and leave them with an act of kindness to love better.
  2. Grab some Kindness cards from the church.
  3. Grab an instruction card for ideas or check out more ideas below.
  4. Share the love through an act of kindness.
  5. Tell us about it on social media! #Lovebetter19


  • Deliver fresh-baked cookies to a neighbor
  • Bring flowers to someone
  • Leave a sweet note in your kiddo’s lunch box
  • Offer to baby-sit for free
  • Get up early and make breakfast for your spouse
  • Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in line
  • Send a note of encouragement to someone
  • Give another driver your parking spot
  • Give a treat to the postman or delivery person
  • Leave a big tip for a waiter or waitress
  • Pay for someone’s movie that is behind you in line
  • Slip a $20 bill to someone
  • Pay for someone’s meal or dessert at a restaurant
  • Bake goodies and take them to first responders
  • Take a box of doughnuts to a school, office, etc.
  • Cook a meal for a co-worker