Pastoral counseling is an opportunity for a church member or guest to receive help in navigating through a challenging situation in their personal life, marriage, or family. Counseling sessions are structured to align with the guiding spiritual principles of God’s Word and our church.

After you reach out, an initial session of 45-60 minutes will be scheduled with HRC Care Ministry which is complimentary (free). Based on this initial visit, our Care Pastor will recommend how to proceed so that your needs are met in the best possible way. Because we take counseling seriously, there will be an assignment given to help the individual receive maximum benefit and be strengthened for life.

The Bible teaches that Christians should carefully guard personal and private information that others reveal to them. Protecting confidence is a sign of Christian love and respect. Pastoral counselors will carefully protect all information that they receive through counseling.

The types of counseling/help we are able to facilitate are:

General Needs (spiritual, emotional, physical)
Premarriage (see special tab)
Grief Help
Addiction Help
Post-Divorce Help

The goal of all Pastoral counseling can be summed up in the following verse:
“… You (God) comfort me by Your counsel; You draw me closer to You.” Psalm 73:23

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