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The Holles | Finding Financial Freedom

Pastor Tom Jackson | The Gift of Prophecy

Men's Night Testimony Trio

Clara Sharp and Tom Grier | The Gift of Mercy

Cashion Testimony | The Gift of Leadership

Life Change Through Groups

Joey and Kayemille Goss | The Gift of Giving

Jennilea Baldwin | The Gift of Exhortation

Molly Andrade | The Gift of Teaching

Connected Through Service

Build Strong Partnership Highlight

Discovering Your Purpose

Giving Back Through Serving

Tithing No Matter The Cost

Adopted Into The Family

Blessing In Tithing

Consumer To Serving

Finding Community In Groups

Finding Hope in Adoption

Finding Purpose In Christ

Finding Support in Community

Finding Your Church Home

Following Obedience In Baptism

God Providing In The Hard Times

Impacting Others Through Missions

Learning To Tithe

Living in God’s Grace

People Matter

Prodigal Son Returns Home

Religion to Relationship

Resentment Restored

Restoration in Life Groups

Restored Family Through Salvation

Salvation Changed Everything

Split Family Transformed

Through the Hard Times

Trust Restored

Trusting God Completely in Tithing

Validating Your Relevance in God

Finding Community In Groups