Everyone begins their leadership journey as a Group Intern before becoming a Group Leader!
A Group Intern is someone who wants to take a step into leadership by leading a Group.
Our heart is that you participate as a group member in a group first, prior to becoming a Group Intern.

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The first step to Group Leadership at HighRidge is to participate as a Group Member in a group first, before becoming a Group Intern. If you have not been in a group at HighRidge, we have plenty to choose from! With a variety of groups to choose from, we are confident there is a group that is a great fit for you! You can search for groups by type, location, day, and time.

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The Groups Intern process is designed to be an engaging and relational process. It is intended to encourage and equip upcoming group leaders with the tools they need for stepping into leadership.

As an intern, you will spend time learning more about  HighRidge Group’s culture and will have opportunities to practice leading with support and coaching from a current group leader. At the close of the semester, the leader of your group, will meet with you to decide together what your next step will be. You can take steps through internship, co-leadership, and group leadership. Once you have completed your Group Intern process, you can register to lead your own small group.

What to Expect

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Next Steps

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Below you will find our Intern Checklist. As a Group Intern, you can expect to learn this from your Group Leader during this process.

If you are ready to take this next step and intern with a Group at HighRidge, please complete the application below.