About Us

Our vision is to strengthen people for life by helping them Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference.


We are a family of churches deeply rooted in our love for the Bible, which we regard as God’s revelation to us, guiding us in all aspects of life. Our worship extends beyond Sunday services, embodying a lifestyle fueled by a faith-filled relationship with Jesus Christ. Our mission revolves around encouraging and fortifying others through life-giving words and deeds. Our generosity is expressed through sacrificial giving of our time, resources, and talents. As a spiritual community, we cherish human connection, expressing friendliness to everyone we encounter and investing in relationships. Regardless of life’s challenges, we consciously choose joy, a gift we have received through our relationship with Jesus Christ.

HighRidge Church Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor
Jeff Klingenberg

My heart for HighRidge can be captured in one simple phrase, “strengthening people for life.” This phrase, though seemingly simple, holds deep meaning and purpose. At HighRidge, my wife, Dawn, and I share a hope that everyone would be encouraged and become a passionate worshipper of God. However, it does not end there. We must be built up in order to build up others. Our desire is for the motto of HighRidge to become a way of life for everyone. Our prayer is that we would be a people who live to encourage, uplift and strengthen those around us. Through this, we believe God’s purposes will be fulfilled as our family of churches continue to reach those in and around our cities with the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

Executive Leadership Team


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Salvation is a gift from God to us. We can never pay for our mistakes by self-improvement or through good works. Only by surrendering our lives to Christ can we be saved from eternal separation from God. Relationship with God begins the moment you acknowledge what Christ has done for you, pray to receive Him into your life, repent of your wrongdoings and confess your faith in Him.


After you’ve taken your first step of faith by committing your life to Christ, you might be wondering what’s next. The answer is water baptism! Water baptism is your first step of obedience, following Jesus’ example and publicly declaring your faith. It’s an opportunity to express outwardly the inward change your relationship with Jesus has made in your life.


We all want to live with purpose and strength in our faith, and surrounding yourself with the encouragement and support of faith-filled friends is one of the best ways to do it! Groups are a great way for you to build community and grow spiritually at the same time! Develop life-giving relationships, find greater freedom, and discover the fulfillment of helping others grow along with you. Don’t take your next steps alone. Let’s take them together!


Becoming a member means you’re family, an essential thread in the fabric of our church. Who you are: your talents, time, resources, and your willingness to share them will lead to greater purpose for you AND for us. Membership Class will help you learn more about who we are and how you fit into our family. It is the perfect place to discover purpose and have the opportunity to join our volunteer team, the Dream Team!


Serving is sharing your time and using your abilities to make a difference in the lives of others. The Dream Team is our volunteer team, which includes anyone who serves in any capacity for our church. Everyone has a part to play in the life of HighRidge. God created each of us uniquely with spiritual gifts to serve others. Use your gifts to make a difference!  


Leadership is simply influence! If you are actively encouraging others and helping them grow in their relationship with Christ, you are a leader. A great way to step into leadership is to lead a Group and help people take their next step in their spiritual journey. 

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