Our story

HighRidge Church began in the hearts of Jeff and Dawn Klingenberg. From their early days in Illinois, the Klingenbergs felt the Lord calling them to move to Fort Worth, Texas, and by 1995, they had moved and were already deeply involved in church ministry in the Fort Worth area. Feeling inspired to make a bigger impact, they started a new church in Benbrook, Texas. Initially named Benbrook Christian Fellowship, the church later adopted the name HighRidge Church, echoing the idea found in Matthew 5:14 to be set high on a hill, shining God’s light for all to see.

The doors officially opened in 2007, marking the church’s beginning on the first Sunday of October that year. With a heart full of passion, HighRidge Church set out to build relationships, to strengthen and encourage faith for the people in the community, and to share the love of Christ as a non-denominational church.

To Jeff and Dawn, HighRidge is more than a gathering; it’s a close-knit family. They see themselves as nurturing figures, leading and overseeing the family with great care. Over time, HighRidge has expanded to include multiple church locations across Texas and as far as Rocklin, California. Their dream is not just about strengthening the people at their own church, but also strengthening and encouraging other pastors and churches facing challenges too.

As HighRidge grows and expands, our family of churches will never waver from the vision God placed in Pastor Jeff and Dawn’s hearts from the start: Strengthening people for life by helping them Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference! We would love for you to join the family!