Discussion Guide: Week 6


Family Life Part II: Building Healthy Family Culture


Welcome Everyone


Celebrate WINS


We hope you’ve been learning and growing stronger in all of your relationships as we have been moving through this relationship series! Life happens in the context of relationships. As a matter of fact, we are wired to be in relationships and connected to one another. We spent two weeks talking about relationships in general and shared principles that apply to any and every relationship we have. We learned about marriage the past two weeks – how marriage was God’s idea and how to protect your marriage. Last week, we started taking a look at parenting and this week, we finish up with learning about building a healthy family culture.

Culture defines what is valued, where lines are drawn, how time is spent, and what is prioritized. Each family has their own unique way of doing things. Have you ever stopped to think about that? What is the culture in your home? Culture is created by the vision.

Whether you are married or single, have children or not, the principles in God’s Word are truth and life for each of us. Since we are His kids, we can see from His Word how He wants to relate to us and how we are to relate to others.

Proverbs 29:18 says, Where there is no vision the people perish. (KJV)

Getting More Together:

1 ________________________

What does your family or home stand for? What principles should guide decisions, both as a family unit and as individuals?

John 6:68 – Lord, who else can we go to? You have the words that give life that lasts forever. (NLV)

a. Where can you go to find direction for vision, making decisions, and determining how you will live your life

b. What can we do when culture goes against the vision we have for our lives and for our families?

c. How do we hold on to vision?

2 ________________________

What are some biblical truths that we can use as a foundation for the culture of our homes? Look up the following scriptures and discuss what you find.

a. Ephesians 4:32

b. I Corinthians 6:19-20

c. 2 Corinthians 9:6-8

d. Colossians 3:9

e. Ephesians 5:4

f. Colossians 3:23

3 ________________________

Think about the importance of having principles and values.

a. What are some of your most important principles that guide your life? Where did you develop them?

b. How solid are your values; Do they change as culture changes or do you hold on to them?

c. Where do most people develop their values or determine what is important to them – family, school, church, culture? Which one is the most influential in your life?

4 ________________________

A vision statement can help define and bring clarity to the culture you desire to build in your home. It can provide a roadmap for making decisions, taking action and defining purpose. Think about what things should be included and how you can develop a vision statement.

a. What character qualities could be included in a vision statement?

b. How do you communicate vision to the people you share life with – your spouse, your kids, your roommates?

c. Is it fair to set expectations in regard to rules and regulations in your home? What’s the best way to work together to determine the culture of your home?

*Culture is created either by design or default. Take some time to define your family culture.



Message Insights:

Share any insights from the message that spoke to you and how it applies to your relationships.


Next Steps:

What are some steps you can take that will help strengthen your relationships?



Divide into smaller groups or prayer partners (male with male, female with female) and take time to share and pray over one key prayer request for the week.