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The Discussion Guides are an addition to the weekly messages. They are meant to help us dive a little deeper into the topics covered each week. There will be an opportunity for group members to share their insights from that week’s Sunday message. Encourage your group to take notes during the Sunday service and bring insights with them each week to your group meeting!

Discussion Guides can be downloaded and printed.


Read the Group Leader Guide below for helpful tips on how to lead your group.

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Week 6

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There are some things in life you just aren’t meant to do alone.

When it comes to our spiritual journey, we’re much better together.

We all want to live with purpose and strength in our faith, and nothing makes us stronger than being surrounded by the encouragement and support of like-minded friends. Groups are a great way for you to build community and grow spiritually at the same time.

 In order for us to get it together, we have to get together!

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